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Welcome to the Shipsey Insurance Group blog!

We’re based in Tucson, Arizona. We are able to provide insurance services in all of Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Our goal is to provide our page viewers with knowledge that could apply to their own insurance questions, geared at both personal insurance (such as car and home insurance, life insurance, health insurance and umbrella liability insurance) and business insurance (such as commercial/business liability, workers’ compensation, building insurance and commercial auto.) We will post about some issues our agency encounters on a weekly basis. We will include interest pieces to keep your family safe. We will also spotlight businesses we insure. If there’s anything you would like to see featured in our blog, please email

Here at Shipsey Insurance Group we provide a wide range of coverage options with many nationally high rated companies. A good thing about using a broker is that they do the shopping for you and present you with the best option. This can be based on price, coverage and availability. We can aid you in your search for business and personal insurance. We’re happy to review your current business or personal insurance coverage and help you make informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

At Shipsey Insurance Group, we provide our clients with education about the coverage requested and the specific industry standards. We offer a full range of protection, and look forward to helping you with your business and personal needs.

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