Insurance for Veterinarians, Animal Clinics & Hospitals

We work with veterinarians to properly insure their practices. We can help with everything from general liability to worker’s comp. Contact us today to have your current policy reviewed.

Insurance for Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters

Run a rescue? We can help! We understand the needs of animal rescues and can help you get the coverage you need at the best price we can so more of your funding can go to where it’s needed the most…the animals.

Pet Insurance

Every six seconds, a pet parent is faced with  vet bill of more than $3,000. Will you be prepared?

Just like everyone else in your family, pets get sick sometimes. In fact, one in three pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year. That’s where pet insurance comes in. By insuring your pet’s health, you can have peace of mind that, should your pet get sick or injured, your costs can be covered. After all, when your four-legged family member isn’t well, the last thing you want to do is worry about how you’re going to pay for it all.

We work with multiple carriers, and we’re happy to do the shopping for you.

We highly recommend Pet Plan and if you’re interested in purchasing pet insurance on your own, rather than having us compare rates for you, we invite you to use this code for a 10% savings over buying it through them directly.



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